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Fiji Mermaid
Fiji Mermaid

Learn English meaning of ‘Fiji mermaid’

Date: Jul 20 2018

Themes: Celebrity, Hobbies, News


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In the 1800s, P.T. Barnum had a famous circus sideshow. There were many exhibits in his sideshow. He showed people amazing and grotesque things.

Barnum’s most famous exhibit was probably the Fiji Mermaid. Barnum sewed the tail of a mummified fish onto a dead monkey. It looked like a mermaid!


grotesque adj.


Example Tim's Halloween mask was grotesque.

sideshow n.


Example My aunt was a tattooed lady in a circus sideshow.

exhibit n.


Example The Egyptian history exhibit is at the museum until the end of October.

mummified adj.


Example It was so hot and dry that the body became mummified.

sew v.


Example Sarah is going to sew a quilt for her new baby.

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Have you seen a Fiji Mermaid before? What is your favorite famous hoax?


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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

This is the first time I see Fiji Mermaid.and this is my famous hoax.

06:37 PM Jul 23 2018 |



Russian Federation

In all the time people were curious about something magical, that´s why appeared such men who could make hoaxes and tricks just to get famous and earn racks on racks on racks

06:16 AM Jul 22 2018 |



   No. I haven’t known what is a Fiji mermaid .  but my daughter loves the mermaid on TV.  She is interested in something about mermaid for instance mermaid Cartoon.


   I don’t like any hoax including magic.



03:32 AM Jul 20 2018 |

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