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Computer Systems Institute

Computer Systems Institute

United States




Computer Systems Institute (CSI) is a post-secondary education provider committed to quality, career-focused training led by enthusiastic professionals who are inspired to transform an individual into a skilled professional. Founded in 1989, CSI has become a premier career training school with over 10,000 graduates most of whom found successful employment within only a few months of graduation.

In 2005, recognizing the demand from a growing community of international students, immigrants, and other non-English speaking permanent residents for an affordable and effective English language program, CSI began working with international students and launched English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. Since then, thousands of students from 90+ countries have studied at CSI.

美國計算機系統學院(CSI)創立於1989年,經過近三十年的發展已經成為在全美擁有五個校區的大型職業培訓學校。 CSI致力於以就業為導向的職業培訓,由一個積極進取的團隊所管理,發掘學生的潛能並將他們培養為領域內的專業人才。

2005年始,學校意識到國際學生對英語語言學習的增長需求,開立了英語作為第二語言(ESL)項目。 CSI由美國聯邦政府認可面向國際招生,自1989年創立以來已有來自90多個國家的超過一萬名畢業生。與一般語言學校和大學本科教育不同,CSI為留學生提供從語言學習到職業教育的一站式解決方案,學校提供4大類13種教育項目供您選擇,每種項目均為期一年。發送郵件至international@csinow.com與我們的招生人員聯繫,為您量身定制培養方案。

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