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Zero Conditional

Zero Conditional

The zero conditional is used to talk about general truths, or things that are almost always true under certain conditions. For example, it's pretty much always true that if it rains, stuff gets wet.

Zero conditional is easy to form because all the verbs are in present tense. You just use two clauses, one with If + simple present verb and the other with another simple present verb, as in, "If students miss an exam, the professor fails them." Or you can reverse the order of the clauses. You can say, "The professor fails students if they miss an exam."

Finally, this form can also be used for giving instructions about what to do under certain conditions. For example, "If I'm late for dinner, start eating without me."

Zero Conditional Grammar Quiz

  1. If you heat ice it .

  2. Does your boss get angry if you for work?

  3. If people do not they get hungry.

  4. The moon an eclipse if it blocks out the sun.

  5. Bread if you bake it with yeast.

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Although zero conditional is used to talk about general truths but I did not hear about this before. Very first time I found this term at rushanessay.com that is a popular platform of learning new things.

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It is amazing lesson i have ever learnt.

05:58 AM May 25 2016 |


United States

Thaks for creating such lessons that, everybody can understand easily.

10:34 PM Dec 27 2015 |

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if i sleep late i wake up late

if i fail the exam i cant go to college

u are in trouble if mom knows about it

09:56 AM Apr 27 2013 |



Zere Conditional can also be called absolute condition.

05:03 AM Apr 11 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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If you tell truth, you lose some friends. If you don’t tell truth, you lose some friends. therefore stick with the ZERO CONDITIONAL Which is (if you tell truth, only good friends stay beside you ):)

02:47 AM Feb 11 2013 |