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Make the Call
Make the Call English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'Make the Call'

Date: Jan 31 2017

Themes: Soap Opera, Weather

Grammar: Conjunctions


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It’s not easy to be the boss. Often, the boss has to make important and difficult decisions. For example, should the company hire new employees? Or should the company fire some employees? It’s the same for presidents and parents. Presidents must decide which laws should pass and what is best for the country. Parents also have a tough job, too, especially if they have teens. A parent might need to make the call on whether a teen can stay out late on a school night.

To make the call means to make a decision. This is why bosses, presidents, parents, and other leaders are always making the call. They are responsible for making choices that affect other people. If people think that a leader makes the right call most of the time, that leader can become very popular. However, sometimes parents and bosses make the call on something that makes their child or employee very unhappy. In that case, the child or employee will wish they could make the call instead.

It’s very slippery out, and Kelsey might reschedule today’s shoot. Will she make the call? Watch today’s English soap opera to see what she decides to do.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Kelsey:  Hey, Dominique.

Dominique:  Kelsey! I’m leaving soon. It looks like it might be pretty icy out there.

Kelsey:  Yeah, Andy said it was very slippery. He got into a little accident. He’s OK, but I feel really bad.

Dominique:  Oh, no!

Kelsey:  I need some advice.

Dominique:  Sure, Kelsey, what’s up?

Kelsey:  Well, the weather is really bad out here. It’s really slippery, and it could get worse. I was thinking about making the call to cancel the shoot.

Dominique:  Well, that’s up to you. I know how excited you were about filming your music video.

Kelsey:  I feel like I’m cursed. Every time I try to make a music video, something happens.

Dominique:  Well, can you reschedule it?

Kelsey:  I suppose I could. I’ll have to call the director and make sure she is available another time. And then, make sure everyone else is available as well.

Dominique:  Well, I think you should talk to her, and see if you can reschedule the shoot. Then maybe, that’s a good idea. And if she can’t, it’s your call! You know we are here for you and would go out into the weather to help you out!

Kelsey:  OK. Thank you, Dominique.

Kelsey:  Hello, Sara?

Sara:  Kelsey. Fabulous. Wonderful to hear from you!

Kelsey:  Hi!

Sara:  I was just reviewing our plan for the video today. Everything is looking excellent. I can’t wait… super excited. How are you feeling?

Kelsey:  Well, that’s why I am calling. It looks like the weather is really bad out there.

Sara:  That’s all right. All of our shots are inside, so no need to worry!

Kelsey:  I’m more worried about my friends getting there safely. I’m wondering if we can reschedule the shoot at all.

Sara:  I see. Well, let me check my schedule here…. Yup, looks like I’ll have time next weekend. Does that work?

Kelsey:  Perfect. I wish I didn’t have to reschedule. I was very excited about today. Do you think it’s a good idea?

Sara:  It’s up to you to make the call. I want you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible when we film you. So if you’re already worried about today, let’s reschedule it. OK?

Kelsey:  OK! That sounds good. It’ll give me more time to practice and prepare. I’m going to make the call to cancel the shoot. Thank you!

Sara:  No problem!

Kelsey:  Andy. I am so sorry about your fender bender! I wanted to let you know that I’m going to make the call to cancel and reschedule the shoot. We’ll aim for next weekend instead. Is that OK?

Andy_H:  Yeah, you know me… just practicing my awesome ice skating moves. Check it out!

Kelsey:  Jordin, I’m making the call to reschedule the shoot. So, you have the day off!

Jordin:  OK. Well, I hope you’re OK with that decision!

Kelsey:  Yeah, I want everyone to be safe!

Jordin:  All right, well, I’m going to cozy up with a book and some hot cocoa!

Kelsey:  Thank you for the advice, Dominique.

Dominique:  Of course, Kelsey. It sounds like you made the right call. I’m going to bundle up and walk to the movie theater. What are you going to do?

Kelsey:  I think I’m going to write a new song, today.

Dominique:  Enjoy your snow day!


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The city just had a snowstorm. Most people are taking a snow day and staying inside with a cup of hot cocoa. Because the streets are so slippery, Kelsey needs to make the call on the shoot for her music video. She doesn’t want to reschedule the shoot again, though, so she calls Dominique for help.

Dominique thinks the decision is up to Kelsey and the director. Kelsey should call Sara, the director. After talking to Sara, Kelsey makes the call to cancel the shoot. Instead of bundling up, her friends can stay home and cozy up on the couch today. Poor Kelsey! Is she cursed to never film her music video? Only time will tell.

How do you feel when you need to reschedule things? Can a person be cursed by bad weather?



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08:23 PM Feb 02 2017 |

Slavic miracle

Russian Federation

Hi, it’s very interesting phrase “snow day”, which is used for day-off. I grew up in Siberia, Russia, there is snow during ~5-6 month :D streets were slippery but our city government organised different technical procedures  to make them unslippery.

Of course we had days off because of bad weather. But it should be -35°C when we don’t go to school (only in Primary school) and there aren’t any possibility to reschedule your classes because of weather if you are in hire school.

Sometimes I can make call on different events if I’m cursed and it’s better to aim it for another day. I make a cup of hot cocoa and cozy up with my favorite books!




I am self-employed and sometimes bad weather force me to make the call and stay inside holding in my hand  a cup of coffee,while looking out of the window the rain falling down and thinking : tomorrow is another day, sit down and log in to English, baby. 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

And about the lesson

Firstly snowy day was my favorite day when I was a student and also when I was a teacher!😃

But yes when you have to reschedule things it is so hard.

I dont believe someone can be cursed but recently something happened that I believed that I am cursed by bad luck or unexpected events that forced me to postpone my plans!

Sometimes after many efforst we cant achive our goals and we can leave it to destiny and God wish!

12:12 PM Jan 31 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


It was the last thing I expected  here from the last joke!😃

Thank you brother and I want you know how much it was precious to me!

I did nothing here but other friends who you called , yes they did a lot! Not only for ebaby but also for me personally!

They left great memories for me that I will never forget!

Again thank you dear friend

I wish peace & love for you and your country!

11:40 AM Jan 31 2017 |

The Last Joke


I have no comment ..but I would like to say :

These people should be Honored by the website…those people who will help and make this website very activity and successful .

 English baby without these people 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦is like a tree🌳 without fruits🍇🍉🍌🍋🍊🍐🍎🍏🍅🍍🍑🍒🍈🍓

🔹saranan Republic Of Islamic Iran 🔹
🔹♥ Øcean PuLse ♥Oman 🔹
🔹DaeNg Thailand 🔹
🔹Irene Forever Ukraine 🔹
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🔹La Princesse de la vie Egypt 🔹

 🔵To Those Whom I Love❤ ,Those Who Love Me 💚and Those Who Are in Englishbaby💙

Please! Come back to English baby

11:25 AM Jan 31 2017 |

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