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Dorm Food
Dorm Food

Learn English meaning of 'dorm food'

Date: Aug 31 2016

Themes: Food, School

Grammar: Conjunctions


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If you are a university student, you probably spend a lot of time on campus. You go to classes. You go to the library. You go to the gym. If you are a commuter, you go home at the end of the day. At home, you can cook tasty food for yourself. But maybe, you live in a dorm on campus instead. If you live in a dorm, where do you eat?

When students are hungry, they usually go to the cafeteria. The cafeteria has a bountiful spread. You can eat foods like pizza, salads, soups, sandwiches, and sushi. Some students say that cafeteria food is disgusting and highly-processed. Communal eating is not interesting to those people. Other students love eating at the cafeteria. They think it’s cheap and healthy.

Brian ate dorm food the other day, and he wants to tell Marni about his experience. Listen to this English lesson to find out if he liked the food!


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Brian:  Marni…

Marni:  Yes?

Brian:  Did you live on campus?

Marni:  I did.

Brian:  I was at my sister’s campus, and we ate at the dorm cafeteria...

Marni:  Oh yeah?

Brian:  And it was awesome!

Marni:  Did you not live on campus?

Brian:  No.

Marni:  You didn’t experience the bountiful buffet every meal?

Brian:  No, I was a commuter, but I was always so jealous. I would walk by the cafeteria, and it would always be full.

Marni:  Yes. It is pretty amazing. It’s a full-on spread, anything you want, you know. You’ve got healthier items, you’ve got your mac and cheese…

Brian:  Despite some of the really highly-processed food or some of the more disgusting options, I thought it was also a really social activity.

Marni:  That is true.

Brian:  Because everyone was eating together.

Marni:  Communal.

Brian:  Communal, yeah, exactly.

Marni:  Yeah, I think that was kind of a nice aspect to it.

Brian:  I kind of wish that they were everywhere, and you didn’t have to be a student to go to it.

Marni:  Let’s just go crash one.

Brian:  Okay.


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Brian never lived in a dorm. When he was a university student, he was a commuter. This means he had to cook his own food. He didn’t eat in the cafeteria. Brian’s sister is now a student, and she lives on campus. She invited Brian to eat in the cafeteria. Brian thought it was awesome! He finally was able to try eating in a dorm cafeteria.

When Marni was a student, she lived in a dorm and ate dorm food. She loved the bountiful buffets. There was always a full-on spread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the food was highly-processed, but there were also healthy foods to eat. Communal eating is cool for both Brian and Marni, but they’re not students now. What will they do? They’ll crash a dorm cafeteria together!

Do you live in a dorm? Do you eat at a cafeteria?



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i didnt live in dorm before because i was a commuter so i dont have that experience and i wish i could try it.

06:28 AM Aug 31 2016 |




i think the dorm food is not healthly food at all and as we can we should not eat it alot to be in good health 

06:13 AM Aug 31 2016 |



  Yes. I ever was a university student and lived in the dorm. But that were many years ago.

  Yes. I had eaten at the cafeteria for about four years through whole my university living.

  I liked that living during  that period. The food was very cheap and convenient at the cafeteria. But I thought some of that were also delicious.

   I eaten a egg and a bowl of gruel and a piece of pie at breakfast; eaten one or two fried dishes and one steamed bread at lunch; eaten the same at dinner or some time noodle.

   When my friends or my fellow-townsmen who were not at the same school came to see me, we all dorm went out to eat a big meal which we called it improving our living.

   Oh, so happy the university living ,though, it had been past so many years, when I remembered it I still was moved.

02:24 AM Aug 31 2016 |

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