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A lot of students improve for a while and then they reach a "plateau".

A "plateau" is a french word that we use in spoken English.  It means something like reaching a maximum.  You keep improving for a while, and even though you keep studying, the improving stops, or at least slows down a lot.

This happens when a student gets good enough to communicate their main ideas, but they are still not even close to a native speaker.  Unfortunately most students stop here and never get much better.  Years go by and they stop improving.  Maybe they learn some new vocabulary, but they really don't improve other than that. 

If you don't want this to happen to you, it's really important to listen to native English speakers on mp3 and SAY WHAT THEY SAY!

So many students can say something that makes enough sense for native speakers to guess their meaning.  Since people understand, it makes many students feel that their English is good enough.  The key is to pay close attention to native speakers and notice how they would describe the same situation.  Learn to copy that and switch some of your old habits with the new ones.  If you do this regularly, you will improve a lot and "get over the hump", which means to go past that plateau and begin improving again.

If you want to learn really quickly, you should check out this program I made with my brother.  It took us over 3 years to make and it's awesome.  You will learn so fast.  How to Speak like a Native Speaker

12:48 PM Oct 04 2010 |

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i ve downlaoded the 7 secrets ebook and hope it's working (no offense, it's only because i m kinda stupid when learning new stuff

thx anyway

11:26 AM Oct 08 2010 |